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A residential towns with a great deal of private industry, Mansfield has continued to grow and prosper since separated from the towns of Norton and Taunton in 1775.

The early industry in the Mansfield area was agricultural. In the early 1700’s, a grist mill and an iron forge were added, beginning the slow development of the manufacturing tradition of the town. Other early industries included manufacturing of nails and tacks, straw bonnets and other cottage trades. More growth was possible with the construction of the Boston-Providence Railroad, connecting Mansfield to major commercial centers in New England.

Today, Mansfield has continued to have a strong industrial base. The Cabot, Cabot, & Forbes Industrial Park is one of the largest industrial parks in New England. Corporations such as Codex, Kendall, Datel, Ames, Chrysler, and Toyota all maintained branches in Mansfield, broadening the Town’s tax base, contributing a stable economy and providing town residents with a wide scope of employment possibilities.

Mansfield offers residents more than a good economy and the promise of job opportunities. An abundance of open land has provided room for the new home development on lots that are still spacious and private. Many older homes are set back from the road, tucked into wooded acres which give neighborhoods a rural charm. Apartments and condominiums are also present in large numbers, allowing the prospective resident to choose from a wide selection of housing opportunities.

Community life is very active, and town services and schools are excellent. Civic groups make their presence felt in community service and the Town Meeting is lively, with many citizens participating.

Mansfield has a pleasant blend of the urban and rural, residential and industrial, and with its many housing and employment opportunities, rich land and low residential tax rate, Mansfield residents enjoy a pleasing lifestyle.